Tattoo Shops – How to Find The Right One?

Tattoo Shops – How to Find The Right One?
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Tattoo ShopsWhen we speak of tattoos, we refer to another product on the market. Not all of them are beautiful; some just look bad and ugly. But, others are amazing pieces of art. Credible tattoo artists spend around 4 years learning the basics at a tattoo shop. When they are apprentices, they sweep the floor and assist their teacher. They don’t learn the secrets at a school or by downloading videos on the Internet. Artists with such credentials are not real. It’s a fact that’s not the way you learn to tattoo.

Considering the introduction, it is important that you make sure to find the right tattoo shop to ink your skin. There is tattoo artist who makes mind-blowing masterpieces, while others are called Scratchers, known for their blotchy and misspelt artwork.

With that said, learn tips to find the best tattoo shop for you. You should know that some even open on Sundays, while others go further and work 24/7 in very crowded cities. And don’t disregard the fact that a tattoo is forever. Don’t let any tattoo artist do this work on your body. Make sure to hire these services to an accredited studio.

Why and When to Run From Tattoo Shops

Basically, you should run from a tattoo shop if:

  • You see no utensils in it. Do research before going to a tattoo parlor, especially if you are a first-timer.
  • You see the artist has a strange behavior. Fake artists boast about working better when “they are high”. They are not professionals, hands-down but yes, a lot of people go and entrust this work to them. Their bad.

Tattoo Shops

Where to Start Looking for a Tattoo Artist

  • Ask around to find a tattoo shop near you. Many of these parlors are in malls. Ask the watchman where it is inside the mall. Usually, there are several tattoo shops located in the same alley. Shop around, compare prices and most importantly, look at the place carefully to make sure it’s clean and not cheap.
  • The other option is to ask your friends. Do you have a friend who has a tattoo? He/she may help you with the right choice. So, getting word of mouth is an alternative. Ask your friend how it went, the name of the artist, location, schedule, working method, always considering that there may be tattoo shops open near you. Sometimes, your friends surprise you with a: “I got this tattoo but the experience was really bad”. Pay attention when you hear this from a pal of yours. Don’t go to that shop.
  • Inspect studios randomly. If you are planning on getting tattooed, why don’t you ask somebody to go with you? Go to the mall center and ask for prices. Many tattoo shops in Madrid, for example, offer an affordable service. Besides, you will realize if the artist has good recognition in the place. People will tell you: “There’s one guy named John, and his parlor is always crowded”.
  • Pour over magazines. But beware here. It is good to check current magazines because it gives you an idea what the latest tattoo trends are. They also give you an idea where to go for one, especially if you are looking for a tattoo shop in NYC, one of the biggest and crowded cities in America. Unfortunately, magazines don’t verify if the tattoo company is accredited or not. Some buy advertising space in it to get the promotion. Sifting through magazines sounds cool, regardless.
  • Many tattoo artists are succeeding because they are online. It’s easy to check artwork on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. The good news is that you are able to check ratings and reviews on most Facebook pages. On Twitter, however, is a little more difficult, but read people’s comments. On Pinterest people drop comments below the photos tattoo artists upload. And on Instagram, check out the number of followers. A tattoo shop in Edinburgh with 5,000 followers on Instagram is not popular just for the sake of it. Don’t you think so? Do your research on Google anyway.
  • And if you have enough money, consider traveling to other states. Don’t you want something relatively cheap? Go to New York or Denver, two of the cities where a large number of top tattoo parlors are. Get tattooed by an artist with a lot of years of experience and a great portfolio. This is the safest way but at the same time, the most costly.
  • Finally, go to shows and evaluate the options available. Bunches of tattoo shops in Tokyo take part of these activities.
  • Put a little study into the searching task. It’s important to add that reputable artists don’t call their tattoo machines “guns”.
  • Pay special attention to advertising. If it’s cheap, so are the artist’s drawing skills.

Good Tattoo Artist IN Tattoo Shops

Aspects to Look for in An Artist

Apparently, all boils down to reputation but skill is also very important. In fact, this is an essential quality of a good tattoo artist. How do you know you are hiring a skillful professional? Very easy. Check out his/her portfolio and you will see it. Also, if you have a friend, ask him to show you the artwork. Does your pal have an eagle that looks like a hen? Maybe, your friend rushed to hire a green artist and ended up with a hen instead of an eagle on his wrist. It sucks.

Since you are not a tattoo professional, tattoo skills are determined by the following:

  • If the lines have no wobbles and are completely straight. The right method consists in doing the lines with one pass.
  • If there are no blotches. Proper coloring and shading make tattoos look amazing and realistic.
  • If the outlines meet up. The color shouldn’t be out of the lines.
  • Tattoo scripting. This is one of the toughest techniques, so not all tattoo artists have the same tattoo scripting level.
  • If the tattoo artist has his own techniques. The technique is one of the factors that distinguish a tattoo artist from the rest.

But that’s not all when it comes to selecting the best tattoo shop.

For example, avoid hiring a tattoo artist who doesn’t smell good. The good reputation goes in hand with personal hygiene.

Some people keep away from tattoos because they believe the artists are unfriendly people. A well-reputed professional will treat you nicely making you feel relaxed during the session. They won’t take control of your pain. They will make sure you are within your comfort levels, instead.

They also know how to finish off a piece. They will make sure not to rip apart your skin. If the artist makes a mistake and hurts your skin, he should make a refund or pay it through health insurance.

Aspects to Look in Best Tattoo Shops

Now, when it comes to prices, they should charge according to the experience, and obviously, the skill level. As explained above, the skill level determines the price in most cases. Bear in mind that a tattoo takes time, from minutes to days, and ability has a lot to do here. Avoid those with an inflated ego.

After the work is done, he should provide aftercare advice. The professional should tell you how to deal with pain and how you can prevent infections.

A top-notch artists a personal spin to all tattoos. They make unique tattoos by adding their personal touch.

How Much Does a Tattoo Cost Today?

Determining the price of a tattoo is hard. All depends on how many elements are involved. There of the most frequently asked questions are related to pain, cost, and duration of a session. Believe it or not, only a few customers ask about the aftercare and whatnot. They really put emphasis on the price.

Tattoo Cost in Good Tattoo Shops

Depending entirely on the artist’s ability, the price may range from $100 to $250 per hour. Needless to say, the most expensive tattoo shops can charge up to $1500 per hour of the session. You have to include the tip as well.

In general, most shops charge $100, but you can pay less if you want something tiny.
Estimate the price by the square inch. The average price for square inch is over 5$. So, getting a 5 ‘ 5’ tattoo may cost around $250 plus tip.

On the other side, in Central America, one of the tattoo shops in Guatemala, charge around $20 for the whole session. Prices in that country may range from $5 to $100, for the most part.

Altogether, these are the factors that determine a tattoo price:

  • Placement: some places are harder to ink than others. There’s a difference between an armpit tattoo and a belly tattoo. Which do you think it’s more difficult to draw?
  • Flash or original: most artists give you a magazine with all tattoos they’ve done. But if you want another design, you will likely get charged extra bucks.
  • Design: simple. The tougher it is, the more expensive it is.
  • Colors: colorful tattoos are more costly because they take more time.
  • Size: it goes without saying that they take longer to be finished. Some even take days.
  • Time.
  • Location.
  • Artist’s skills and reputation.

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