Finding The Best Tattoo Shops Open Near Me

tattoo shops open near me

Finding The Best Tattoo Shops Open Near Me
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Tattoo Shops Open Near MeAre there a lot of tattoo shops open near me? Obviously yes, there are and some of them are even open until 12 midnight. This is because, as it is known, cities like LA, NY and Las Vegas rarely sleep, or they don’t sleep, better said. They receive visitors until all hours looking to get pierced or inked.

Here are some of those shops open near me you should consider visiting. Here they are.

  • Monocle Tattoo

If you’ve never gotten a tattoo yet, consider getting the first one at Monocle Tattoo, a tattoo shop open late near me that ensure such a nice experience for first-timers.

The artist’s name is James and the environment is nothing short of comfortable. He lets you pick the place you prefer. And no matter whether you’re a wimp about it, he’ll leave you a beautiful and well-done piece of art on your body.

Many customers feel glad after their first experience and periodically come back for more. Reviewers say that James’ job is so good that there will be no doubt it was definitely what you hoped for.

James is versed in minimalistic styles.

  • Suerte Tattoo

It’s an amazing tattoo shop that has gained popularity in the entire area of LA for promoting vegan and cruelty – free products. If you are a vegetarian, don’t hesitate to go there.

At Suerte, tattoo artists treat you like a king. At first, you may just want a spontaneous tattoo, but you will end up with a high-quality picture inked plus an unforgettable experience.

Both the owner and his co-owner can do the job you want.

Nehemiah is one of the tattoo artists undertaking Suerte Tattoo. He shows you his portfolio so you can decide on the tattoo style. He has loads of original work to show.

He talks to you and takes your ideas from your mind so he can start making his craft. Fine Line and Black and Gray are the main specialties.

This is one of those tattoo shops open near me which operates until 2 am on Saturdays.

  • El Classico Tattoo and Art Studio

If you are looking for a mysterious tattoo with a profound meaning, El Classico Tattoo and Art Studio is the place to go.

You can ink to honor life and death, or any living creature you think lives in the outer space.

El Classico is well-reputed tattoo parlor in LA once considered among the top-rated shops in LA. It’s also one of those top-notch tattoo shops near me open Sunday.

They give you the option to arrange a walk-in which is usually taken over by Sal, an expert in American Traditional and flash tattoos. Feel free to ask him to show you some designs and you will marvel at them.

The store is clean and comfortable. The classic music you will hear is totally different from the pieces you are probably used to.

They speak Spanish.

  • Reservoir Tattoo Studio

Don’t surprise if the tattoo owner recognizes you after 4 or 5 months when you first get there. Arrange a walk-in appointment and you will not get disappointed after that. The truth is that people claim all the Reservoir tattooers are super nice.

Just give your idea to Gerardo and he’ll do the rest. He’s not only an expert tattoo artist but also drawer who is able to merge two images with a special shading technique.

Jay is another artist working at this store. This one is looked for by customers seeking cover-ups. He’ll hide your former tattoo by adding color and shading.

This is one of the tattoo shops open near me with a great customer service, hands-down.

  • On Broadway Tattoos

On Broadway Tattoos also offers piercing services. They frequently receive new tattooers who get coached on by the owner separately. You may think their craft is very simple but it is actually the tattoo bold style in its perfect form.

They put piercings for a very affordable price and quicker than in other shops. Go for yours at $20 only.

It is easier to contact them on Facebook through their Facebook page.

They are open until 11 and midnight some days.

On Broadway, the experience is clean and unique.

Undoubtedly one of the best tattoo shops open near me now worth to visit.

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