Best Tattoo Shops Near Me in LA, Finding The Ideal One

Best Tattoo Shops Near Me in LA, Finding The Ideal One
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Tattoo Shops Near MeIf you live in the United States, near LA or New York, you are the witness of the wide variety of tattoo parlors out there. They don’t only do tattoos but also do piercings at affordable prices. Aside from that, they have a flexible schedule, which is good for people short of time. These tattoo shops are run by professionals with a lot of years in this field. If you are willing to check prices, researching tattoo shops near me prices for results.

This article is basically about the best tattoo shops near me in LA area. Keep reading.

Revealing The Best Tattoo Shops Near Me in LA

Tinta Rebelde Custom Tattoos

This is one of those places you would like to feel adventurous to get a nose piercing. Many people from other areas of the United States, come here and get spoiled by the piercer of this place. Drop by Tinta Rebelde Custom if you are on a layover heading off to another district because it’s one of the best tattoo shops near me that open late. They will be pleased to offer you the best of the tattoo services in LA.

Max is the piercer’s name at Tinta Rebelde Custom, an astounding tattoo shop near me. People claim he does a good job. He spoils you in a way you feel relaxed while he’s piercing your skin. Customers point out that Mark is actually a quiet person unless you speak to him first. He’s not the kind of piercer who will be explaining to you everything during the process.

If you have a fair share of piercings, ask them how they sanitize and sterilize their tools and jewelry. According to top reviewers, this shop uses a disinfectant spray to clean it up.

The Order DTLA

What makes this tattoo shop so amazing is the team that makes it up. Wade, Thiago, and Jon are part of the artists working for The Order DTLA. Their specialty is traditional but they also come with some neo-trad work. This site is highly recommended in the LA area. If you want to get inked for Valentine’s Day, consider going to The Order DTLA, and any of the guys will come up with a brilliant idea for you.

Likewise, you will get surprised at the selection of their flash tattoos. They work with adults and teen under the supervision of their parents, of course.

Just drop the idea and they’ll know how to see about it.

Three words define this tattoo parlor: friendly, cooperation and skills. Do you think it’s a great combination? Visit them soon. This is a tattoo shop near me open after midday.

Most customers go there with their own design in hand. So don’t worry and go with yours, and let them take over after it.

Of the three, Jon Edrosa is apparently the master of the flash tattoos.

Mr. Cartoon Skid Row Tattoo Shop

This place is one of the most creative tattoo shops near me. The price for some is relatively high, but something is for sure, you will get exactly what you are looking for. In other words, you get what you paid for at Mr. Cartoon Skid Row Tattoo. The team working in this parlor has another level of expertise. Hunter is the assistant and is said to do the job really fast. For this reason, many people come back to Skid Row for another piece of art.

Evol Arts Studio

If you want a custom tattoo, Evol Arts Studio may be the place you are looking for. They specialize in all types of tattoos including Japanese, cover-ups, fine line and grey, realistic color and portraits. When you go there, explain to the artist what you want because he/she’s going to work around your concept, not on his/hers. They think that original art is the one that goes in line with the customer’s concept; therefore they don’t reproduce art at all.

Plus, it is very easy to contact them. You can search Evol Arts Studio on Yelp dot com. It’s another tattoo shop near me walk-in, near the proximities of LA.

This tattoo shop near me was opened in 2012. It is not a typical tattoo parlor like the ones you may find in LA. It focuses on creativity and original art. Evol Arts are also in New York City.

The owner of this tattoo parlor is Edwin M. He feels proud to continue his career unceasingly. He owes everything he knows to the talented artists he met years before opening this shop. He emphasizes that learning is the key to get somewhere in life.

MD Tattoo Studio

This is another tattoo shop that specializes in a wide array of styles, some of which include the new school, blo-mech, portraits, traditional, 3D tattoos, black and grey and others. Here at this shop, they boast about inking almost anything you want permanently on your body.

When you get there, they welcome you and provide you with a portfolio. Take time and check all the designs they specialize in. They explain to you everything, including the time the tattoo roughly takes. They also encourage people to do walk-ins to check out the place thoroughly.

Feel free to pop over to their website to get an appointment. Are you looking for a specific artist? Go there and ask for his /her name. They will glad to hear you. It’s one of the tattoo shops near me that are open until 19:30.

Either way, they’ve gathered all the information on their website. Check it out.

One of the best creations at this parlor is undoubtedly 3D tattoos. There are plenty of 3D tattoos in the albums they give you to introduce the shop.

This place was established in 2003 by Mike DeVries. Mike started tattooing by the same year he opened this shop. He says he’s constantly learning from others. Learning is his motivation to go up to the next level.

Kathouse Tattoo

Well, Kathouse is also one of the best tattoo parlors in America because they cover a nice variety of tattoo styles. They do realist tattoos, portrait-style, new school, lettering, 3D, traditional and bio-mech. They give you an album with the work done by the artist artists who work there so that you have the option to choose the artist of your preference. They also offer walk-ins so you can talk with the tattoo professional and arrange an appointment.

Kathouse Tattoo was born in 2003 and the founder is Mike DeVries (yes! Again!). His career has many happy moments along with 200 awards in more than ten years in the business.

Stigma Tattoo and Piercings

Stigma has a lot of customers, for the most part, looking for piercings, which means they have regular customers. Monica is the piercer and her work is very professional. She knows to deal with nervous people by talking to them and making them as comfortable as possible for the session.

Although this tattoo shop is from Los Angeles, they receive people from other places like the San Gabriel Valley. This speaks volumes about the great job these artists do.

The prices are not high, they are arguably affordable. They mind a lot about sterilizing their tools (they let customers see the sterilization process to build trust). Probably, this is one of the reasons why Stigma Tattoo and Piercings has gained popularity in other states as well.

Generation8 Tattoo

Contacting people at Generation8 is a breeze. Pick your Smartphone up and message them through Yelp dot com. This app enables you to see if there are artists available for the day you are off work.

They usually receive first timers. They address to them in a way they don’t feel anxious. They ask customers how they want their tattoo and take notes of every detail. You can communicate with them via text messages and send pictures of the tattoo you want on your body.

Once you spell out the tattoo to them, they immediately let you know if the artist is booked or not. They obviously have a crack team working at Generation8 Tattoo. As they always have a full house at Generation8, it is important to have another artist in mind. According to the reviews, they are all great. Hiro is the name of one of the tattoo masters at this shop.

Besides offering an amazing work, they also work around unlimited touchups to improve tattoos. This shop is one of the best tattoo shops near me in LA. Dave is the owner of Generation. He’s been such an enterprising guy.

Tattoo Love

Last but not least, we have another tattoo shop near me whose name is Tattoo Love.

This place marvels anybody with its outstanding level of cleanliness. If you want to ink your first tattoo, Tattoo Love is the right place.

Once you enter the parlor, you will see the environment where the artists work, when they are done and clean their hands after the end of a session.

When going to this parlor, ask for George and Steve. They will listen to you and take notes of your tattoo idea.

These people clean their equipment with alcohol and other disinfectants ensuring there’s not a minimum risk of HIV contagion.

At Tattoo Love, they also excel at complex tattoos. Go there and find out more.

Most probably, it’s one of the tattoo shops near me open on Sunday too.

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