List of Top Rated Tattoo Shops Las Vegas

List of Top Rated Tattoo Shops Las Vegas
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Tattoo Shops LAS VegasIf you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, consider getting a body art souvenir for you in the city that never sleeps. Read on and find out more about the best tattoo shops Las Vegas. They are unique, famous, popular and top-rated parlors. Most of them are part of the attractions in hotels. If you are wondering about prices, you pay less in tattoo shops Las Vegas Strip. But it is necessary to say that all these shops have staffed world-renowned tattooers who frequently elbow with public figures.

Below Some Tattoo Shops Las Vegas NV to Check

  • Lions Tattoo

3 Lions Tattoo is located at the Riviera hotel which is in the proximities of the Sahara hotels. This tattoo parlor has been the favorite of many tattoo connoisseurs who have been to Las Vegas. People love this shop because it provides an amazing atmosphere and customer satisfaction. You will surprise at 3 Lion Tattoo infrastructures considering it’s more like a spa rather than a tattoo studio. The ambiance is cool and relaxing. 3 Lions Tattoo features some of the most popular tattooers in Las Vegas. It’s among the best tattoo shops in Las Vegas without a doubt.

  • Club Tattoo Miracle Mile Shop

It’s considered one of the most luxurious tattoo shops in Las Vegas Nevada. Club Tattoo is at Planet Hollywood, more specifically in the Miracle Mile Shops. They offer custom tattoo services and sell clothes and jewelry. If you want a chic, colorful, custom tattoo, this is the way to go. The club prides itself on having touch-screen displays to select the design and colors. It features a total of 11 artists who specialize in all kinds of tattoos regardless of the color and style you want. You will surely get a top-notch service in this tattoo shops Las Vegas off-Strip.

  • Hart and Huntington Tattoo shop at Hard Rock Hotel

If you go to Las Vegas and don’t have a tattoo at Hard Rock Hotel, it’s like you hadn’t actually been there. Hard Rock is so popular that you will feel like you are actually missing out on many things if you don’t make a stop-over here. Hart and Huntington Tattoo is a parlor that offers tattoo and piercing services. They offer a full service, indeed. This tattoo shop was opened by Carey Hart, a free-style motocross legend. This place claims to have the best tattooers and piercers working there. They use high-end technology for tattoos and piercings.

  • Huntington Tattoo Lounge at Palms Hotel

If you have never visited this hotel, go for a short tour around Flaming Road and you won’t regret it. The Palms promenade is the playground for the young and bold visitors. Huntington Tattoo Lounge was also founded by Carey Hart in 2004. This tattoo shops Las Vegas staffed 12 of the most talented artists living in Nevada.  Blanco, for some, is the best of the team but this point is subject to individual thought. They receive thousand visitors every year many of which come back for a new piece of body art. The shop showcases an amazing collection of realistic tattoos. Ryan Jenkins is the guru when it comes to realism. Check out more of their portfolio on their website and dare drop by this amazing tattoo shops in Las Vegas hotels.

  • Mario Barth’s King Ink at Mirage Hotel

There’s plenty of hype around this shop and there are strong reasons. Mario Barth is considered a living legend, a driving force in Las Vegas tattoo industry. King Ink is a boutique, a nightclub, a bar and a tattoo shop at the same time. This place is divided into four departments. Mario Barth, the founder, is from Austria and has won more than 200 tattoo awards. His ability for self-teaching led him to learn a wide variety of unique skills which made him gain recognition. Put King Ink on your list of places to visit in Las Vegas NV. It’s definitely a highly recommended tattoo shops Las Vegas.

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