Top Rated Tattoo Shops in San Antonio

Top Rated Tattoo Shops in San Antonio
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Tattoo Shops in San AntonioWhen it comes to tattoo shop varieties, San Antonio is one of the places in the US that stands out in this aspect. They open their doors for people to do walk-ins at all times. Like in other districts, most tattoo parlors in this zone have a website through which people can contact the tattoo shop owners for brainstorming. In this article, we are going to discuss the best tattoo shops in San Antonio. This information pretends to be in line with the reviews, so take it with a pinch of salt and do your analysis.

List of Top-Rated Tattoo Shops in San Antonio

  • Fortune Bros Tattoo

Fortune is one of the most outstanding tattoo shops in San Antonio that offers walk-ins.  The owner’s name is Robert, a friendly guy who’s always on Instagram responding to people’s doubts.

Their work focuses on the following styles: Japanese, Black and Gray, Traditional, cover-ups, dot work, and concept work.

Along with Robert Corso, Ryan Weis, Dylan Donohue, Mike Penick, and Crystal Qualls are the tattoo masters working for this prestigious tattoo shop in San Antonio that opens late.

You can contact them via Instagram, Facebook, Yelp and email also.

  • Boardwalk Tattoos

Boardwalk Tattoos is considered one of the best tattoo shops in San Antonio TX. They offer piercing and tattoo services with a carnival touch.

The shop boasts about having one of the most skillful female artists in the South, Su Hood. Tattooer Bobby Hulsey is in charge of the vintage American art. In general, at Boardwalk Tattoos, they can deal with whatever you need.

The shop is located at 9910 San Pedro Avenue in San Antonio Texas, near Alamo Apartments. It shares many similarities with other tattoo shops in San Antonio Ibiza.

The workplace is very clean and has wooden walls with a lot of tattoo pictures hanging. It’s not big but it’s where these amazing artists keep up the good job with a high level of professionalism. You could describe Boardwalk Tattoos as a cozy site with a typical Texan style.

You can contact them via phone or email. Visit their website and let them know your query.

  • Buddha Box Studios

Buddha Box Studios is a tattoo shop in San Antonio Texas that offers an interesting array of services. They specialize in piercing, tattoos, sterilization, and jewelry. It’s a tattoo studio with a crack team comprised of professionally trained piercers. In fact, they don’t use anything but only implant-grade jewelry.

As to tattooers, they all receive constant training at Buddha Box Studios. Here the artists acquire profound knowledge about sterilization and aseptic techniques. Added to that, they all got the Texas Bloodborne Pathogen certificate.

They work under outstanding safety conditions, believing that security must be prioritized in parlors. The parlor’s address is 5337 Glen Ridge Dr. San Antonio, Texas.

  • Electric Panther Tattoos

Passion and hustle are the words that best describes the owner of Electric Panther Tattoos, Stephen Monnet, also known as Mo, who runs this well-reputed tattoo shop in San Antonio. He is internationally for giving color and bold style to all his creations. Such talent has led him to win many tattoo genre awards.

Electric Panther Tattoos is sponsored by one of the best-selling tattoo manufacturers, Helios and Electrum, which means he and his team use the latest tattooing technology today.

Jacquie, Chad, and Jason are Mo’s company. According to top Yelp reviewers, they are quick and give you exactly what you’re asking for.

As a bonus, they also have an extensive experience in piercing services.

It is best to contact them via phone to arrange an appointment. It’s definitely one of the best tattoo shops in San Antonio.

  • Dandyland Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing

Dandyland is a tattoo shop and body piercing parlor established 21 years ago in 1996. The full name of this place is Dandyland Custom Tattoo and Professional Body Piercing.  It’s one of the most recognized shops in America and an award-winning studio for its high level of precision in the art.

It has been recently relocated to Deco District of San Antonio, a place of many historical events. Since the opening day, Dandyland has made great strides in the professional body piercing business. They’ve held the same philosophy since the first day: Providing tattoo, piercing and jewelry services to all customers in the best and cleanest way.

For them, maintaining a positive environment and keeping true to their philosophy has been the key to be among the best tattoo shops in San Antonio near the Riverwalk.

It has been voted the best tattoo studio in San Antonio for several years.

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