Where to Find The Best Chicago Tattoo Shops

Where to Find The Best Chicago Tattoo Shops
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Chicago Tattoo ShopsWhen it comes to top-of-the-line shops in Chicago city, there are many of them with loads of talented people working there. Regardless of the image, face, or dream tattoo you want to be done, there is a wide variety of options in the area to choose from. These artists in these Chicago tattoo shops are able to bring imagination to life.

Tattoo artists and shops are like a territorial thing, where everybody looks for the right fit and swears allegiance when they find it. This type of business actually thrives on referrals. Some of the best Chicago tattoo shops near me are popular because they have thousand referrals in the area. It is evident they’re on top of the game because even strangers speak wonders of them. But the best proof is the piece of art you see on their customers’ skin.

Here are some of the most outstanding and recognized Chicago tattoo shops you should consider visiting for a walk-in.

Well Recognized Chicago Tattoo Shops

No matter if you’ve never gotten inked in Chicago, this is the type of tattoo shop you would go to regardless. It is located in North Lakeview. The portfolio they have in that place speaks for itself. Some of the best tattooers at Deluxe Tattoo are Hannah Aitchison, Ben Wahhh, Jason Vaughn and his namesake Jason Longtin. Playboy dot com published a feature on this shop, considering one of the best Chicago tattoo shops walk-ins.  It is said that Deluxe Tattoo receives visitors from other different places in the United States.

Never mind your experience tattoo, whether you’re a beginner or not, a visit to this parlor would do you good. Most of the Insight Studios’ tattooers have been working there for years. They are like a family, this allows you to form loyalty and get discounts whenever you need to get inked. This Chicago tattoo shop even works in association with Tats-for-Cats, an organization which fights for animal rights. Insight Studios is located in a convenient area: on Milwaukee Avenue.

Where Class is Class is the slogan that this recognized Chicago tattoo shop downtown has. It is managed by Marshall Brown, a tattoo artist known for having such a sense of humor with clients. People refer to this place as the Humboldt Park shop. They work, for the most part, on custom designs, bold colors and intricate lines. Just go there and tell the artist what ideas you have for your tattoo and he’ll do it with love. Feel free to show them your theme idea and they’ll do the right thing. It is important to say they are very skilled at making half and full-sleeve tattoos.

Revolution Tattoo is the perfect parlor for classy girls who love fancy cheese, toe tattoos, and craft beers. If you are a girl like that, Revolution tattoo is the way to go. This Chicago tattoo shop has a long list of regular customers. It is easily identifiable with this ornamented and decorated taxidermy. Its picturesque sign outside makes you think Carnival season just started. The owners of this amazing parlor are Mr. Omar Gutierrez and Chen, Basak, his wife. They also own Sideshow Gallery, located next door. The couple is not only interested in body art but also in oddities and eerie relics. This is a highly recommended site especially if you are looking to get something American-traditional of photorealistic.

Tattoo Candy boasts about having a talented team specialized in classic motifs and cover-ups. Jacob Hinkle is one of the artists that attract the most attention in this place.  Many visitors marvel at the high-quality work performed by this guy, for this reason, it is a top-rated parlor according to the Chicago tattoo shops reviews. He focuses on pop tattoos and original designs with his personal professional touch. You will feel at home in Tattoo Candy. They also offer piercing services in case you want it.

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